Data Gravity

The Value of Data

The research and life sciences industry in the UK represents one of the most dominant sectors of our economy. It generates and manufactures a wide variety of products, drugs and medical technology, bringing significant jobs and growth to every region, and underpins a world-leading position in science and research.

At the core of this industry sits data. Data provides crucial opportunities to fundamentally change the way health services are delivered. Transformation in the NHS can only be achieved through understanding  changing patterns of disease and demographics – all derived through data.

The Life Sciences Industrial Strategy – a significant input into the Government’s Industrial Strategy – seeks to address a series of challenges under five key themes.

Arguably for Britain to remain a respected, economically strong and prosperous country for our citizens, data and skills underpin the delivery of our life sciences industry, and the ability to meet all five challenges. In addition, data has huge potential to generate economic growth and advance knowledge for societal good.

  • Science

    Continued support for the science base, maintaining strength and international competitiveness.
  • Growth

    An environment that encourages companies to start and grow, building on strengths across the UK, including expansion of manufacturing in the sector.
  • NHS

    NHS and industry collaboration, facilitating better care for patients through better adoption of innovative treatments and technologies.
  • Data

    Making the best use of data and digital tools to support research and better patient care.
  • Skills

    Ensuring that the sector has access to a pool of talented people to support its aims through a strong skills strategy.
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The data gravity explosion

Whether someone has an idea for a new drug, medical procedure or process, from this the “germ” of an idea eventually develops, over many years, to become a patient outcome supported by research that may come from Academia or the Pharmaceutical industry.

But the key to developing this idea is data. A researcher will first look to existing data, perhaps from a similar project, and for instances where this idea is a potential drug they will “match make” to find potential candidates/patients for a trial.

During the development of this idea there are two key things that happen, the first being that a lot of different people get involved and collaborate to make the idea a reality. The second, and most critically, is that the amount of data collected, stored and analysed becomes exponential. This data explosion or journey of  data gravity means that in order for it to drive real business outcomes you need storage capacity for the data and you need collaboration.

Organisations need to work in partnership and collaboratively so that data access is agile, constantly available and accessible by not only the initial researcher, but by the National Institute for Health Research, universities, hospitals, charities or other research institutions – whichever are required to bring the idea to reality.

Making data transformation happen

UKCloud Health is at the forefront of making data transformation happen. Our unique capabilities and laser like focus enable us to bring the compute to the data, utilising exponential storage capacity via our multi-cloud platforms.

We have been working with pioneering organisations such as Genomics England for many years. It has set the global standard for healthcare genomic data in rare disease, and now increasingly in cancer.

Genomics England took a pragmatic and serious approach to its ICT needs – by deciding early on not to burden the NHS with long-term investments in hardware and data-centres, and by embracing the positives that the cloud could offer whilst taking a safe approach of private-cloud and Genomics England-owned storage assets.

Data gravity and the aggregation of data that comes from the work that Genomics England is undertaking and enabling organisations to come together and gain new insights into data, has the potential to ensure that the UK stays at the forefront of the transformation in digital health.

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