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You’ve spent years developing a great application based on a unique domain expertise that addresses a particular niche. But the market is changing and customers no longer want to be responsible for software on-premises.

If your solution is built on a traditional model, with few software releases per year, and run on customer provided infrastructure, you may be in danger of becoming obsolete.  Customers no longer find this model attractive and you risk losing customers.

These days, customers want to consume software-as-a-service, where you become responsible for the hosting, infrastructure and more flexible commercial model.  New SaaS providers are entering your market so you need to remain competitive with more frequent releases, more demonstrable solutions, and better value for money.

As the costs of running your own datacentres would be unsustainable. our platform enables ISVs to focus on your core competency so that you can innovate and differentiate without incurring the capex costs of building and running your own datacentre, infrastructure and connectivity.  Join our workshop and let UKCloud Health show you the way.

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Register for our workshop which is tailored for healthcare software and applications providers. The workshop is free of charge for anyone working within a company which provides software to the NHS or UK healthcare and life sciences sector.

The workshop will consider:

  • How software vendors can develop a cloud proposition. Our experts have supported a range of companies to develop a cloud proposition for their NHS customers – they will share their knowledge with you, helping you consider the commercial and operational benefits at each step of the journey from a single-tenant, cloud hosted solution to a highly automated, multi-tenant, as-a-service cloud platform.
  • How vendors can navigate the technical, security and assurance landscape that’s specific to the NHS and processing sensitive personal healthcare data.

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The cloud is coming to the NHS… are you ready?

In January 2018, the Department of Health and Social Care, NHS England, NHS Digital and NHS Improvement formally stated that NHS and social care organisations can use the cloud to store health and care data. It is the latest indication that the NHS is ready to embrace cloud.

As NHS IT teams continue to be over-stretched, and budgets continue to be constrained, and the cybersecurity risks posed by outdated infrastructure become more pressing, cloud is an increasingly attractive option. Many in the NHS also feel it could help facilitate greater data mobility and intelligence, making it possible to find better ways of doing things and ultimately benefiting patient care.

A challenge and an opportunity for software vendors

For established vendors of NHS software, cloud presents an exciting opportunity, but they should also be wary. Cloud makes it easier for new providers to enter the market. While the resulting increase in competition and innovation will be beneficial to the healthcare sector, incumbent software providers will have to navigate technical debt and legacy contractual frameworks at the same time as pivoting their commercial and operational models to deliver cloud services.

On the other hand, making the transition to become a software service provider rather than a software license provide – and fully embracing all the opportunities cloud can offer – will mean new revenue opportunities, economies of scale and more rapid product innovation – the extent and speed with which this is achieved could offer a distinct competitive edge.

Meet our experts and consider how you can capitalise on cloud

UKCloud Health’s free deep dive workshops focus on the commercial, technical, and operational challenges that you will need to overcome as you design cloud-based solutions, and the benefits you can realise. Our experts will help you better understand how to plan your cloud transition in small, iterative steps, ultimately working towards a product roadmap that fully harnesses cloud technologies, tools, automation and DevOps.

The workshop will be tailored based on an initial consultation and will be of interest to business stakeholders, technology leaders and operational IT staff at companies supplying clinical and business software systems to the NHS.

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