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CIO Health Network Sponsorship

The Health CIO Network provides a unique leadership and best practice community for senior NHS IT professionals. Delivered in conjunction with the CCIO Network through regular meetings, online events and a collaboration community, the network is open to all NHS IT directors and CIOs who wish to learn from one another. We’re delighted to be one of the health sponsors for this coming year, keep an eye on our upcoming events and activities.

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Health Excellence through Technology (HETT) | 01/10/19, Excel-London

HETT 2019 will drive transformation by connecting health technology innovators with digital leaders from across the health ecosystem.

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techUK Health & Social Industry Care Dinner

In partnership with NHS, bringing industry together to discuss digital transformation in the sector.

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Previous Events

Hear from our Chief Digital Officer, Iain Patterson, at UK e-Health Week 2018 speaking on digital transformation in health.

Iain joined UKCloud Health in 2017, with over 20 years CIO experience, having previously led many key IT transformation projects for organisations such as GDS, DVLA and Post Office.