UKCloud Health: The multi-cloud experts

UKCloud Health is dedicated to helping the UK Health and Care Sector, delivering more choice and flexibility through safe and trusted cloud technology. Since our inception, we have disrupted the market by producing innovative cloud solutions to meet the ever-evolving needs of the UK Public Sector. We’re proud to have helped the sector save millions of pounds, delivering improved citizen services whilst supporting the growth of the UK digital economy.

Multi-cloud is where a variety of cloud environments powered by different underlying technologies are made available on the same platform from the same service provider, enabling communication between the environments. No one size fits all.

Multi-cloud gives you the choice and flexibility of benefitting from the diversity of public and community clouds running alongside your private cloud and non-cloud environments. This differs from a hybrid-cloud which only connects your private cloud to a public cloud.

Our multi-cloud platform supports workloads from the main technology vendors, which makes us the obvious choice when choosing a cloud provider that can support a diverse range of workloads. This gives you confidence that your workloads are running on the right platform, thus minimising the risk of vendor lock-in without sacrificing on elasticity, performance, and price. We place the right workload, on the right cloud, in the right place.

Why multi-cloud?

No one cloud fits all Our multi-cloud platform offers choice and flexibility; we place the right workload, on the right cloud, in the right place. We do not lock you in to a single proprietary technology stack. We ensure that each solution runs on the platform most suited to delivering the best value and experience, and to meet the complex needs of the UK Public Sector.

Built for the UK We are home grown, home-owned and dedicated to serving the UK Public Sector. Our cloud platforms are all situated within the secure Government-grade Crown Hosting environment for non-cloud and multi-cloud services, all based in the UK – we call this Crown Campus.

Making transformation happen Using our expertise of having delivered more than 200 public sector digital transformation projects, our expert and trusted transition team helps customers understand the challenges they face and how they can navigate around them on the journey to the cloud and beyond.

You’re safe in our hands

Our platforms are implemented across two UK government-grade sites, providing further resilience via multiple regions, through trusted and flexible Assured OFFICIAL and non-internet connected Elevated OFFICIAL domains. Our cross-domain functionality regulates access between the Assured and Elevated security domains so you can create compelling citizen-facing services, whilst ensuring sensitive data remains safe.

All our platforms and functions can be managed via an ever-evolving portal with a comprehensive API, and our free-of-charge cloud experts are able to help architect and support workloads on this platform. This choice enables the UK Health and Care Sector to harness the best technology stack for each requirement without compromising on sovereignty, connectivity, lock-in or support.

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