N3 to HSCN: High availability and choice from UKCloud Health now!

UKCloud Health has vast experience in helping the health and social care community to use the cloud to support their digital transformation goals.

We focus on the cloud so that our customers and partners don’t have to, and it’s our job to make sure that they have access to the right support at the right time so they can build and deliver best-of-breed cloud solutions for the healthcare market.

For example, we are working with clinicians who have developed an innovative pathway solution that is used across several London hospitals who now benefit from our assured, UK sovereign, N3 connected cloud services.

In addition, UKCloud Health has been working with Docman for many years. The Docman 10 platform is accessed entirely through a web browser, and the platform meets the requirements that documents are stored in UK sovereign data centres and that storage is addressable only from the NHS N3 network.

Both of these examples are evidence that, even though N3 will have become IT history at the end of the decade, it has been and still is a key enabler of cloud-based digital transformation. As a commercial N3 aggregator, UKCloud Health will continue to support N3 for existing customers and partners well into 2018 – and is still able to connect new customers until March 2018.

Whether you’re an existing customer who needs to start planning for the transition to HSCN or a new customer who wants to immediately connect to N3 and then transition to HSCN in 2018. Contact UKCloud Health to find out how we can immediately support your project with our highly assured, trusted and cost-effective cloud and connectivity solutions.

Read our HSCN Cheat sheet to find out more.