APTVISION have created a unified Healthcare Information System embracing latest technology to enable quicker and more effective outcomes for Patients, Clinicians and Healthcare Providers. We have a unified total solution which includes end to end patient management workflow, but which can be modular and implemented as nine individual packages or bundles to fulfil any brief and solve specific problems.


Patient Portal:

Online booking from desktop, tablet, or phone 

Secure, web based portal which in real time:

Allows patients to choose an appointment which suits them, at a time and place of their choice, even down to practitioner if required.

Facilitates the ability of groups of clinical centres within a region to share resources and more effectively manage workloads leading to increased efficiencies, financial as well as optimisation of resources.

Could be set up as stand-alone booking portal or full patient portal allowing patient to securely log in to book and view their history of appointments or download their results.


Clinician Portal:

On-line Referral, Results and Significant Findings 

Secure, web based portal that is a one stop shop for the referring clinician to view results, acknowledging significant findings, book or refer appointments to ensure continuity of care for their patients.



Centralised network scheduling:

Local, regional and multiple organisations

The software enables management of appointments across multiple organisations and sites and that can also work on top of existing or even multiple RIS / PAS systems. The software also guides the agent through the patient journey, enabling less medically trained and experienced staff to work in the call centre.


Patient communication:

Two way SMS, e-mail, e-consent forms

Two way SMS messages, confirmation emails, e-forms enabling patients to electronically fill-in required medical documentation conveniently prior to the appointment.


Core RIS:

Either Cloud or On-premise

Traditional functionality of a RIS in a state-of-the-art, web based form: Appointment management, Registration, Service recording and Reporting


Self-Service Package:

Kiosks, Tablets & TV Monitors

Fully paperless, integrated system throughout the workflow. We support the use of paper communication for elderly patients, or vulnerable patients with no access to on-line services, whilst maintaining the paperless workflow for the organisation.
(NB we do not provide the hardware but have partners who can provide it: This package can only work as an extension to our Core RIS)


Shared and Home reporting:

Reporting is performed 24*7 by appropriately trained personnel at the right place, in a timely manner and by the most skilled professional enabling workload balancing across a region


Peer Review:

Including anonymisation of reports and setting targets

Built-in mechanism for anonymous peer review allowing one radiologist the ability to anonymously check the findings of another with integrated workflows for minor and major discrepancies found. This feature includes extensive settings and configuration e.g. 10% of all scans must be peer reviewed as well as comprehensive reporting and KPIs.


Business Intelligence and AI Ready:

Real-time information on a custom dashboard.

Standard reports are generated from the information managed throughout the workflows. Bespoke reports can also be configured.

More crucially, the Aptvision system lays the foundation to enable structured  collaboration with artificial intelligence companies to use annotated data to learn from, and improve workflow and reporting.


MDT Multidisciplinary Team Management:

Remote MDT’s using existing workflows.

Aptvision MDT is a standalone, fully web based and mobile enabled system, allowing clinicians and other medical professionals schedule, manage and hold multidisciplinary meetings. Patient diagnosis, treatment information, medical documentation and history can be shared during the meeting as well as diagnostic imaging viewed using existing PACS or a dedicated zero footprint viewer.,