HSCN Connectivity

HSCN Made Simple
HSCN provides a reliable mechanism for end users to access and exchange electronic information, anywhere, anytime and across any device. It also provides a reliable, efficient and flexible way for health and care organisations to access and exchange electronic information, while at the same time reducing costs and complexity.

HSCN network connectivity boasts many advantages over N3 connectivity, it is:

  • Faster – N3 was considered slow and legacy; HSCN delivers more modern services such as VDI and VoIP. Also, there will be no longer any need to wait for changes to the network core to allow organisations to exchange data.
  • Cheaper – HSCN is cheaper than N3, and UKCloud Health will pass on the savings back to the NHS
  • Flexible – HSCN has multiple network providers providing marketplace competition, and enabling UKCloud Health to source the best provider for HSCN connectivity.

Find out more in our 12 facts about the Health and Social Care Network cheat sheet here.

5 key reasons to choose UKCloud Health for HSCN

UKCloud Health – We take the headache out of HSCN

Your one stop shop for faster and cheaper connectivity.

By having HSCN natively connected into our Cloud platforms, UKCloud Health has effectively procured HSCN connectivity on your behalf, and can present it to you without the long lead times that are usually associated with purchasing connectivity.

Simply send us your HSCN Connection Agreement signed by NHS Digital, and we can connect you to HSCN within 1 working day.

Don’t have time to wait for a Connection Agreement? Don’t worry, by signing up to use UKCloud, we automatically cover you with the Connection Agreement terms from NHS Digital, without you having to wait for your own Connection Agreement, meaning you can get online even quicker!

New applications in the cloud will instantly be able to take advantage of HSCN connectivity from UKCloud Health.

HSCN: Unlimited

Our HSCN connectivity is provided with unlimited usage, giving you unrestricted access to our entire multi-Cloud ecosystem, with onward connections to government networks such as PSN, RLI and Janet as well as the internet, because we realise that HSCN connectivity is only the beginning – it’s what you do with it that matters.

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