Existing Customer Migration from N3 to HSCN

Existing Customer Migration from N3 to HSCN

Existing UKCloud customers will need to transition their services from N3 to HSCN by the end of December 2018. In order to migrate your services there are some steps that you must take in order to ensure a successful teansition.

Compliance Requirement

You must sign up to the terms of the HSCN Connection Agreement before you can have access to the HSCN.

  • If you think you have signed the Connection Agreement, go to https://crm.digital.nhs.uk/hscnconnectionagreementsearch/ and search either using your Organisation name or ODS code.
  • If you haven’t yet received an invitation to complete your Connection Agreement, please contact enquiries@nhsdigital.nhs.uk to request access to their online portal.
  • Once you have access to the NHS Digital online portal, sign and submit your Connection Agreement to NHS Digital

Alternatively, you can request a new UKCloud Master Services Agreement (MSA v11.0) which contains the flowdown of the HSCN Connection Agreement terms. If you sign and resubmit this, then you are automatically signing up to the terms of the Connection Agreement, and do not need to sign a separate Connection Agreement with NHS Digital. If you would like to sign the MSAv11.0 then please contact your Account Manager.

UKCloud will validate that you have signed up to the terms of the HSCN Connection Agreement before connecting you to HSCN.

Request HSCN Connectivity from UKCloud

Once you have signed up to the HSCN Connection Agreement terms you can request HSCN for your existing N3-connected environments by raising a service request or talking to your Technical Account Manager or Cloud Delivery Manager. We will then work with you to connect HSCN into your environments so you can test connectivity out over HSCN.

Test HSCN Connectivity

You will be assigned new HSCN IPs so you will need to liaise with owners of endpoints on HSCN and N3 to ensure that there will continue to be communication between endpoints once you have migrated over to HSCN.


Once you have tested your connectivity for HSCN, you will be able to request a migration slot. We will then work with you to migrate each of your environments to HSCN at a time that works for you. Note that due to the volume of migrations we may not be able to help you migrate on your first choice of date, in which case we will help you identify another suitable point in time.

N3 Connectivity decommissioning

Once you have successfully migrated to HSCN and you have given us permission to remove the N3 connection from each of your environments, UKCloud will decommission your N3 connectivity and stop the invoicing for N3.

Additional information

For more information about migrating from N3 to HSCN, including the options, steps required, and the responsibilities between you and UKCloud, please click here.


Migration will be done free-of-charge.

Migration assistance (including troubleshooting) in-hours (8am-8pm) is free-of-charge, however if out-of-hours (8pm-8am) migration assistance is required then this will be charged at the SFIA rate of £330 per migration for out-of-hours engineer support.

HSCN will be provided free for one month per connection for customers who are migrating existing applications from N3 to HSCN. After one month UKCloud reserves the right to begin charging for the HSCN connections unless the migration of an environment from N3 to HSCN cannot be completed within the month due to UKCloud being unable to provide a migration slot.