Disaster Recovery to the Cloud

UKCloud Health is committed to helping UK health and care organisations achieve their business outcomes; the ability to maintain business continuity, and ensure affected citizen facing services have no/minimal disruption in the event of a disaster.

Disaster Recovery to the Cloud (powered by Zerto) is a powerful, self-service replication and recovery tool that can help.

Reasons for Disaster Recovery to the Cloud adoption include:

Maintain and restore services from multiple virtualisation technologies

Survive outages in your VMware or Hyper-V powered datacentre by recovering workloads and restoring services to UKCloud’s Enterprise Compute Cloud platform.

Benefit from cost effective disaster recovery

Our solution means you can immediately reduce the cost of disaster recovery and business continuity plans by only paying for what you use; no need to maintain additional sites and hardware that isn’t utilised.

Self-service management tools

Protection and recovery is in your control via our self-service portals. No need to maintain multiple tools that require manual processes to complete the recovery; ensuring your recovery works the same way, every time.

Trial failovers

Avoid nasty surprises by ensuring your disaster recovery and business continuity plans can be successfully implemented; safely simulating them without affecting live workloads or data.

Embrace technology evolution and digital transformation

With ongoing pressure to embrace new technology, whilst simultaneously maintaining existing services, this solution allows you to test enterprise or legacy applications on the UKCloud platform, without affecting live services.

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