Report: The adoption of public cloud services in the NHS

The adoption of public cloud services in the NHS:  trust, security and public opinion

Based on exclusive polling from ComRes, the latest Ci research report “The Adoption of Public Cloud Services in the NHS: trust, security and public opinion” tested levels of public understanding of patient data storage options within the NHS and the public’s confidence or otherwise in the security of that data. In addition to the public polling conducted by ComRes and sponsored by Ci, the report also features expert testimony from interviews conducted by Ci with a range of health and care professionals and experts, including input from UKCloud Health. The Corsham Institute (Ci), a non-profit institute dedicated to digital skills development.

    Some of the conclusions from the report include:

      • Low levels of understanding still exist as to how patient data is currently stored in the NHS, with nearly half of respondents thinking that patient data is stored on a national NHS computer server and only 28% thinking that it is stored on a cloud.
        • There is a difference in people’s views between the prospect of their patient data being held by clouds managed by British companies who store data only within the UK (49% of people were comfortable with this) as opposed to being held on clouds manage by global companies (69% of people were uncomfortable with this).
          • More information on data storage in the NHS is desired, with 88% of adults saying it was important to know where and how data is stored and 80% saying it is important to know if data is kept outside of the UK.
            • “Patients have little real understanding of how the NHS stores or processes data. Indeed, the public, and indeed healthcare professionals, rightly focus more on patient experience and outcomes,” commented Rachel Neaman, CEO of the Corsham Institute. “Cloud computing has the potential, however, to enhance collaboration, increase efficiency and improve security across the NHS.
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