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Docman is well known within healthcare for its software that digitises the transfer of care within and between healthcare providers. In use by primary, secondary and social care organisations, its products support the transfer of care through the safe and reliable sharing of information at scale.

Docman helps manage the records and documents for over 40 million patients and over 3 million items of patient correspondence weekly, so it is essential that Docman customers can have faith in the security, connectivity, speed and cost-effectiveness of its software. Highly sensitive information is contained in the thousands of letters sent by hospitals to GPs using Docman technology every day.

Last year, the company revealed Docman 10, its flagship cloud platform that allows doctors and other care providers to manage incoming clinical correspondence. This next generation service has been developed to support shared care records and workflow across organisations – essential building blocks for new and emerging models of care that are taking hold across health and care economies.

To support the system, it was vital that Docman 10 was built using cloud technology and services that could meet the performance demands of frontline NHS staff, whilst also adhering to current and emerging data protection and compliance standards that protect the rights of the citizen.

For these reasons, Docman has migrated Docman 10 to UKCloud Health’s cloud technology. With superior performance to competitors, excellent support, UK-sovereign data storage, and secure access to the Health and Social Care Network (HSCN), UKCloud Health was the logical partner for Docman’s leading product.

Supporting information sharing across care settings

Docman 10 gives GP surgeries and federations secure, browser-based access to clinical correspondence and structured data from anywhere and from any device, helping primary care to operate more efficiently at scale.

Developed after extensive discussions with customers, Docman 10 is built around the needs of its users. Information is available at any time, accessible via mobile devices, and stored in the UK to adhere to NHS information governance requirements.

The system comes with additional benefits to frontline staff. Images can be inserted into the workflow to gather opinions. Information is easy to find through powerful search. A full patient timeline and complete document audit trail is also available.

Docman 10 supports discussions and collaborations around patients, supported by cross-organisational workflows, tasks and messaging. This collaborative, patient-driven approach means the system addresses key health and care challenges, such as the drive to integrated, multi-agency care. It can also underpin extended hours and seven day access to GP services through secure information sharing across all settings.

Unsurprisingly, demand from practices and clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) is high, now that NHS Digital has granted full roll-out approval for the service following a rigorous process as part of the GP Systems of Choice (Lot One) framework.

Cost-effective, high performance, UK-sovereign cloud services

Working with partners it can trust, and technology that can support its growth within the healthcare market, were essential for Docman as it looked to roll out the product.

UKCloud Health was the chosen partner when Docman needed to migrate its applications to a provider that could offer fast, reliable performance, as well as UK-sovereign data storage that comes with high levels of security and assurance and multi-site resiliencies.

“The platform meets the requirements that documents are stored in UK sovereign data centres and that storage is addressable only from the NHS N3 network” said Alistair Eaton, chief operating officer from Docman, “The Docman 10 application stores documents and structured messages to UKCloud Health natively using its S3-compatible API. Additionally, UKCloud Health’s ENHANCED service allows documents to be immediately available from a secondary site for business continuity purposes.”

This means that Docman can have confidence that its leading product and the data it relies on are in safe hands, and come with additional benefits that provide a foundation for growth whilst adhering to relevant regulations.

“In the health sector, UKCloud Health and Docman not only need to ensure that we are able to help our customers comply with the Caldicott principles that apply to the handling of patient-identifiable information, but we also need to help prepare them for GDPR and the new UK data protection bill,” said Simon Hansford, CEO at UKCloud Health.

“Organisations across the health and care sector, as well as research and life sciences and also pharmaceuticals, appreciate the value of our UK sovereign data storage guarantee and the secure HSCN access that we provide. With UKCloud Health they get secure access to their data, safe in the knowledge that it will always remain in the UK.”

By combining secure access to data with always-on availability, Docman and UKCloud Health have come together to deliver the vital elements of 21st century healthcare.

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