Docman migrates applications to UKCloud Health for cost-effective, high-performance, UK-sovereign cloud services with HSCN connectivity

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2nd November 2017 – UKCloud Health, the specialist healthcare division of UKCloud, the easy to adopt, easy to use and easy to leave assured cloud services company, announces that Docman, which has recently launched Docman 10 a cloud based software platform that manages the transfer of care within a healthcare organisation, is migrating many of its applications to UKCloud Health.

Docman is the leading supplier of advanced electronic document management, workflow and transfer software for Primary, Secondary and Social Healthcare organisations. Its technology is responsible for maintaining detailed records and documents for over 40,000,000 patients and managing over 3,000,000 items of patient correspondence weekly. Every day thousands of letters are sent to GP Practices electronically from secondary care providers using Docman Hub. Practices use Docman to process these letters around their organisation and manage them efficiently.

“In the health sector, UKCloud Health and Docman not only need to ensure that we are able to help our customers comply with the Caldicott principles that apply to the handling of patient-identifiable information, but we also need to help prepare them for GDPR and the new UK data protection bill,” explains Simon Hansford, CEO at UKCloud Health. “Organisations across the health and care sector, as well as research and life sciences and also pharmaceuticals, appreciate the value of our UK sovereign data storage guarantee and the secure HSCN access that we provide. With UKCloud Health they get secure access to their data, safe in the knowledge that it will always remain in the UK.”

Alistair Eaton, Chief Operating Officer from Docman, added: “The Docman 10 application stores documents and structured messages to UKCloud Health natively using its S3-compatible API. The Docman 10 platform is accessed entirely through a web browser, providing complete secure access to clinical documents and structured data from anywhere, at any time,through any device. The platform also meets the requirements that documents are stored in UK sovereign data centres and that storage is addressable only from the NHS N3 network. Docman 10 meets the challenges and demands of a 21st Century health economy, supporting Shared Care Records across a wider health landscape, new models of care including 7 day access, federated back office working and cross organisational workflows, tasks and messaging. Additionally, UKCloud’ Health’s ENHANCED service allows documents to be immediately available from a secondary site for business continuity purposes.”

Docman chose to move to UKCloud Health as it offered superior performance and was more cost-effective than its rivals. In recent tests, UKCloud instances on the Cloud Native Infrastructure platform were found to boot 1.5 times faster than AWS and almost 7 times faster than Azure, and MongoDB running on the UKCloud Cloud Native Infrastructure platform is about twice as fast as AWS and Azure meaning that MongoDB performs twice as many operations per second on the UKCloud platform. UKCloud also has a maximum network throughput almost 12 times higher than AWS and almost 19 times higher than Azure. In addition, UKCloud Health’s UK-sovereign data storage – with high levels of security and assurance and multi-site resiliencies – as well as its simple connection with UK government network access provides the ideal solution for UK healthcare and public sector organisations.